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Apr 07, 2022
With the development of the post-epidemic era, people gradually go out of their homes to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun, which has become the most desired thing in the current era.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people begin to travel. In travel, they not only look forward to the beautiful scenery along the way, but also hope that they can taste the safe food they cook during the journey.

How to move the kitchen outdoors? It has become one of the most thought-provoking questions.

To this end, KASSICO has specially developed an all-aluminum portable outdoor mobile kitchen box that integrates aluminum cabinets, folding tables, stoves, kitchen utensils, tableware and other supplies, which can be used for outdoor cooking and storage of camping equipment.

In addition to the storage box, this box type also has extended versions on both sides, which can be assembled infinitely to the left, right, front, rear, and rear, and the unfolded box can accommodate multiple people to cook at the same time.

KASSICO has upgraded and refitted after combining the advantages of ordinary aluminum boxes to create a new outdoor kitchen box, which is durable, lightweight, anti-corrosion, large capacity, and easy to clean. The top cover of the box has four aluminum die-casting corners, which perfectly realizes the Stackable to increase the height of the box, it can be easily used whether standing or sitting. The built-in storage space is huge up to 80L, which can store side panels and other kitchen items at the same time, including storage stoves, kettles, pots, kitchenware, cutlery, plates, Tableware, condiments, etc. Realize vertical kitchen cabinets and larger space. The built-in box body can be customized with foam lining, which can be assembled and disassembled at will, realizing independent storage without affecting each other.

The Mobile Kitchen Box is the perfect addition to your rooftop tent and the ideal travel companion for a picnic, on a boat or in your car. Once you have this mobile kitchen box, this portable kitchen includes everything to quickly and easily prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner wherever you go and whatever you're doing.

KASSICO, a leading aluminum box factory in Ningbo, China, Have 19 years OEM & ODM experience in manufacturing aluminum camping & outdoor boxestruck tool boxesaluminum camping kitchen boxaluminum basketsmilitary & defense casesaluminum transportation boxes, and attache cases for industrial, chemical, medical, education etc. Our company owns 15000m2 factory area and more than 200 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments,  Perfect and rigorous QC system, also passed the ISO9001: 2015, BSCI, IAF quality management system certification. 

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